Thursday, July 18, 2013

CC, Arthur, Rosabel and Baby brother bump

You may notice I did things a little backwards with this shoot since the family asked me to rush process their newborn session photos for announcements, so I am only just getting to their maternity/family session now (can you say moving house / kids off school back log?!!). CC and Arthur wanted to capture some special memories of not only the pregnancy, but also of their life at home with sweet little Rosabel before the business of life with two babies set in. It was important to them to capture their last week together with Rosabel before Baby Harrison arrived, rather than just doing a maternity shoot. They knew her world was going to change so much with his arrival and even though they were of course excited about his arrival, and to welcome the new addition, there was a part of CC which was sad knowing that Rosabel would no longer be the only centre of their universe.

I remember when I was pregnant with my first baby, people always stopped to say how "neat" I was carrying, and I never knew what that meant. Certainly didn't get it for baby number two, but I have to say, seeing CC, I know what they meant now, and this is her baby number two!!


Ever since Rosabel started walking, she has been a non-stop motoring ball of energy. Arthur and CC can barely keep up with her moving all the time, but the one place they get some rest is when she plays in her cottage with her favourite toys.

Isn't the little fabric playhouse just delish - and Rosabel climbing in was even more delish!

Rosabel seems to have inherited her mama bear's obsession with shoes, and by far her favourite pair are the sparkly purple princess shoes she received as a gift for her first birthday. As soon as she saw them, she had to wear them non-stop until it got to the point where CC had to hide them. If she gets her hands on them, it is virtually impossible to separate them from her, as I discovered on the shoot and you will notice that until we hid them, they are in her hands in every photo!!

Another peaceful time they can all cherish together is when Rosabel finds all the books she would like to read and then plops herself onto her pink elephant chair before bedtime.

When Cc originally decorated Rosabel's room, they didn't know whether they were having a girl or a boy so the decor was kept neutral. Once they knew their baby was a girl, CC added some girlie touches. Although her initial choice for pink curtains was rejected by Arthur, the white ruffle curtains CC settled on turned out to be perfectly pretty and dreamy. To add a hint more femininity, CC couldn't resist clipping on glittery and feathered butterflies.

Is there a game on the planet that brings more glee to littles that hiding in curtains before popping out to say hello?!!

Thank you CC and Arthur for inviting me into your home to capture sweet Rosabel in all her happy moments of babyhood before she became the big sister - I think you and she will cherish these memories. Love to the four of you now xxxx

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