Friday, July 19, 2013

Justin, Louisa, Toby, Gus & Poppy

Now that their family is complete, having had three children in a four year period, Justin and Louisa felt it was time to treat themselves to one of my photo sessions. Having a third child make it even more apparent how quickly time passes and they wanted to capture this amazing childhood their children are living.

All the children love water and Louisa knew about the boat in my garden so she was excited to run with that theme, especially since Poppy's favourite thing is dressing up so a mermaid costume was just the ticket.

Next we decided to capture some traditional photos of the children. While I was getting things together, I looked over and noticed the three children were sitting in the exact same position waiting for me. I hadn't even moved the daybed to the backdrop I wanted yet but had to snap them sitting just so - too darling.

This is Toby. He is seven and is very attached to Cat - don't you love how kids name their toys? It is always so literal and then it ends up being the most well loved one of all, while the toys which are named Esmeralda and Scheherazade are left on the shelf.

Five year old Gus is currently obsessed with all things related to fished though his last obsession when he was two was golf, so who knows what will be next.

After two energetic boys, the family feel very thankful that they were blessed with a little girl. Poppy is almost three and her mummy is very happy that the house will not be entirely taken over by men and that she will have a shopping partner one day.

Poppy's beloved Bun Bun also needed to be included in the photos, for he is obviously very important. Clever Mummy having more than one!!!

Louisa had told me she was keen to capture the children in their darling old fashioned cotton pajamas, for she it is the time when they look their most angelic, though admits how looks can be deceiving. When I saw them all in the pjs, it made me thing of Peter Pan and although Wendy was the oldest sibling, I still thing the feeling of the image is captured with the top hat and teddy and sweet Poppy with the flower in her hair. Her mummy had told me how Poppy has an old world look about her and it is so true so as you can imagine, I was loving all these themes and photographing these utterly gorgeous children.

Thank you all for such a great shoot - I loved how we packed so many themes and looks into the session but it was all thanks to your enchanting children behaving like angels and making it such fun. xxx

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