Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bianca & Henry - Victualing Yard, Dockyard Bermuda Wedding

Bianca and Henry are probably one of the coolest couples we know. They have everything in the proper sense of the word in that they don't need stuff to be happy - they just have peace within and are content with each other. They are so grounded and know what is important in life - family, friends and love love love. They were married a long time ago, but never had a wedding, but it was well worth the wait. There was more love than you can imagine floating around on at their wedding celebration. I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph their wedding but also be a guest so I had the best of all worlds. The invitation requested we all come as our true inner selves, be it fairies, jedis, you name it. The wedding had an amazing energy about it and their ceremony was such a special Shamnic ritual that we were all able to participate it which was fabulous.

 After the wedding ritual, they performed a baptism of sorts for sweet Eli who had his own baby pool which all of the other children were keen to climb into as well. He was just delicious in his innocence of what was going on while we all showered yet more love upon him.

I think I nearly had kittens when I saw his divine copper wings - have you ever seen anything like these - how darling is this child? Bianca's wings were pretty spectacular as well.

You may recognise Bianca from my yoga shoot with her - she is an incredible healer too!

Hello cake - isn't this just the most fun wedding cake ever?

My little girl, Indigo, crowned herself official bubble blower for the newly weds, ensuring they were surrounds by iridescent spheres at all times - very important job and Indigo took it very seriously - too sweet.

Bianca and Henry - as you know, the kids are still talking about how incredible your wedding was and I have to say, I agree - it was the perfect balance of fun, beauty, and inspiring love - we had an amazing time as I know you did as well. Congratulations again! xxx

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