Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tara & Luke - Coral Beach, Bermuda Wedding

Tara and Luke just fit so naturally, so sweetly together, you almost feel they must have known each other their entire lives. But they didn't, though they were so lucky to find each other and such happiness together. I have known Tara since she was a little girl as our mama bears were great friends, so it brought me even more pleasure to see her find such a soul mate in Luke. I was honoured to capture their wedding day at the stunning Coral Beach Club, with a full moon rising in the east to add more romance than one would think possible to that spectacular cliff top terrace.

The two decided to do a sweet registrar service a few days before the big celebration and I was lucky enough to be able to capture that special day too.

The newlyweds went out with a handful of close family and friends of a fabulous yacht on the sunniest of afternoons.

This sweet bouquet below was created for Tara at her hen night - loved it!

This is Seamus who really stole the show and Luck and Tara would have it no other way - he really is their baby and was such a delicious bundle of love, I was smitten.

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  1. I love how you show the two photos of the couple with their traditional cakes!


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