Thursday, May 30, 2013

Indigo Twinkle Toes

Sweet little Indigo had her dance recital with In Motion a couple of weeks ago. She danced in two shows on a Sunday night and Saturday night, and did a jazz piece and a ballet piece both times. I had a wedding on the Saturday so we came to see her on the Sunday, and then after she danced, she stayed up late watching all the big girls in the second half of the show, which left her so excited about how far she knows she can go one day. She was exhausted at school the next day, but was so overjoyed after the show and so proud of her performance.

The week of the show, she reminded me that we needed to do our annual photo session on my bed with her in her costume. She bounced around and was silly as can be so of course no indication of the kind of dancer she has become, but fun all the same. The tutu was for the ballet piece, and the feather skirt was for the jazz dance.



It was quite funny with the feathers for after her dance, the whole stage was covered in feathers - can't bear to think about where they come from though...


Indigo my little love - I adore that you love the performing side so much - it is so good for you, especially since you are often so shy. But all that shyness falls away when you step on stage and you sparkle and shine like the sweet star you are. Well done my lovely on another incredible show! xxx

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