Friday, January 13, 2012

Kenneth, Sharon, Aaron & Adrian

This was the first ever photo shoot for this family and they felt it was long overdue. Sharon turned forty a few months earlier and decided they might as well do it now before she and Kenneth turned into legitimately "old" people, though my feeling is that will not be happening any time in the near future! It took a lot of convincing the three boys in her life to come out and pose for photos for they felt it was such a "girl" thing to do, but I think once on the shoot, they realised it was more about capturing some real moments and having fun as a family. Apparently Kenneth felt awkward during the shoot, and Sharon was praying this did not translate in the photos, but I felt none of that and just think he looks gorgeous! The boys were a little shy at first too, but by the end, they all were pros at being themselves and hopefully it was a fun enough experience to do again!

These two have a great relationship with each other. They spend all of their free time together playing make believe games or video games. Aaron is a fierce defender of his little brother in the school yard and very protective and nurturing. Adrian looks up to Aaron, who can do no wrong in his eyes and the brothers have a lovely way together.

Aaron's life ambition is to be a professional footballer and play for Real Madrid and he and his little brother are often found kicking the ball around outside together.

Adrian is most happy on days when there is no school, when he can sleep in and when he does get up, spend the day playing video games and eating chocolate!

The family chose Cooper's Island for the shoot location as it is their favourite beach location and they have spent many a happy time out there in the remote paradise.

Thank you all for such a gorgeous shoot - the weather was delicious, the setting exquisite and all of you just such fun and open to all my ideas - I think it paid off and Sharon, I can't believe that if you want to do another shoot, that your boys will give you such a hard time next session given how great they all look in these photos. All the best to you xxx

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