Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lana and Baby John

This beautiful mama bear is my ever so amazing assistant, Lana, and her perfect baby boy, John. Lana has been a life saver over the years and I am the first to admit that my business would be nothing without her. She picks up all the pieces where my scatty artist type lacks and completes the picture. Lana was told by doctors that she would never become pregnant on her own and that it was unlikely she would ever be able to conceive, even with medical intervention, but they were willing to try if she and her husband wanted to try. But the couple accepted that having children together was not part of their future and they found so much happiness in life together that it never concerned them. So when Lana discovered she was pregnant last year, nobody could have been more surprised. She was in total shock, and then when she saw the little heartbeat on her ultra sound, she began to cry and understood what a miracle she had within her. Sweet Baby John has changed her in so many ways and I have loved being able to see her so happy. I was honoured to photograph them together in his first weeks and Lana wanted the shoot to capture that intimate time that she shared with her new baby at home. When her husband went to work, it was just the two of them with nothing else around and it was those moments she cherished most and wanted to freeze forever.

The beautiful bobbin lace was given to Lana's grandmother by her great grandmother and her grandmother sewed the decorative Russian lace to a sweet and simple piece of linen. It was sentimental to Lana and perfect for the shoot - I love it when clients include things that are so personal.

Dearest Lana - thank you so much for sharing such a special time with me. Your sweet baby boy is just darling and I am so happy for you and this new journey you are on. I know all my clients understand why we are so behind - what better excuse than a bouncing baby boy??!!! Love you oodles xxx

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  1. heaven on earth. stunning mom and baby. and pictures of course. what a wonderful story.


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