Friday, January 20, 2012


Sisters Lindsay and Laura decided to get some shots of their children for the grand parents for the holidays. After five long months away for medical reasons, Vovie and Vavo, what the kids call their grandparents, were thrilled to be back spending time with their four grand children and loved the photos. Lindsay and Laura decided Fort Scaur would be a fun location for the kids to run around and play and we were blessed with a gorgeous day. All four have their own strong personalities but when they are together, you can feel the love shared among them.

Brandon is a great big brother to Sydney. He is so great with all the little ones and loves to get them hyper. Sydney looks up to her older brother and loves it when he is around. You may recognise these two from Laura and Andrew's wedding!

These two are much closer in age and love to ham about together.

Brandon is very artistic. At sixteen, he is all about loving his bike and socialising.

Five year old Sydney is the mother hen of the group. She is nurturing and likes to be in charge and is full of sweetness.

Kyra plays well with others but prefers to be in her own space playing with arts and crafts. She tends to be shy and reserved but she is quite the comedienne as well.

Seven is the youngest of the four. His mum says he was just meant to be here - that he is an old soul adn is very loving. His name means born in July and complete. He is the last of the grand children so there are two girls and two boys and each sister has one of each - perfection.

Sydney and Kyra are just three months apart, with Kyra being the older of the two. Lindsay and Laura always joked about how fun it would be if they were pregnant at the same time and it actually happened and was quite a surprise as Lindsay was told it would be difficult for her to have children at all and Sydney was a surprise to her mummy and daddy too!

Thank you all for such a playful afternoon. Loved that we captured so much of what childhood and the relationship between cousins is all about - enjoy this closeness you all share - you are very lucky! xxx

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