Friday, August 12, 2011

Baby Samantha

Samantha Leanne weighed a whopping 9 pounds, 14 ounces when she joined the world. Her mummy and Daddy brought her to meet me when she was just two weeks old. I had shot Tonia and Daniel' wedding a couple of years ago so was thrilled to be able to photograph the product of their union - just divine! She was the perfect newborn model - they are very relaxed parents and so she slept like and angel for the entire shoot.

Tonia and Daniel found out they were expecting on their one year anniversary trip to Japan. She had had a sneaking suspicion that she was pregnant when they arrived in Tokyo because strong smells were suddenly starting to bother her. They looked all over the city for a pharmacy that had an english speaking pharmacist to giet a home pregnancy test, but with no luck. In fact, when tehy wen into all of the pharmacies, they couldn't figure out what any of the products were. If felt like they were on a different planet. They enjoyed the rest of their holiday and as soon as they returned home to Bermuda, their suspicions were confirmed and the pair were very excited.

Hello fabulous tutu!

I had not noticed before, but Tonia's ring setting is in the shape of a heart - talk about lots of love in her life, little Samantha is going to be surrounded. She is the first grandchild for Daniel's family and the fifth for Tonias so lots of cousins too.

Tonia says perhaps their holidays will not be to their normal exotic destinations, but she can't wait to give her little girl many opportunities to see the wold that she herself did not have when she was a child - lucky little love!


Tonia and Daniel - I have so loved meeting your darling daughter - I always feel such a strong affection for little ones when I was there on the wedding day of the parents. You are very blessed to have such a beautiful little girl and know you are enjoying every minute. Hope these images capture these special times for you. Love to you all, xxx

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