Sunday, August 14, 2011

Staycation and a Reunion in One

Grandparents Daphne and Jamie who live in Canada don't get to see so much of their daughter, Lara, her hubby Brand, and their 5 year old grandson Lance since they now live in Connecticut. Nor do they get to see much of their son, Tory, who lives here in Bermuda with his wife, Ania, and their sweet baby, Kylen. Living in different parts of the world has made them realise how important it is to make an effort to get together in one place so they all decided to have Bermuda be their meeting point. Even Ania and Tory decided a little staycation was in order so they moved into the Reefs with everyone else for their wonderful family reunion.

The family wanted to get the photo shoot done to capture the lovely times they had all in one place at the same time.

I love that these three took their own little holiday in Bermuda. I am such a big fan of doing this for so many reasons. First of all, it is so beautiful here and when you live and work here, it is often easy to forget what an amazing holiday destination it is. Also, it is supporting the hotels here and saving money on airfares so it is win win for everyone. Especially if you are lucky enough for the rest of your family to make the effort to come to see you.

Lance was just so well behaved. He did exactly as I said for everything and was just such a sweetie.

It was great for Jamie and Daphne to be with the grandchildren together for the first time - what a joy to see both your children happily married with families of their own.

See what I mean - isn't he just such a little love bug - loved him!

Kylen was such a little smiler. I love shooting this age as everything is just so exciting to a baby of this age, but they still can't move to get out of my photo so I can actually get a shot with the eyes in focus! I always find is so amazing how a tiny baby can already be so manly but Kylen is definitely all boy.

I love love love these two shots below...

This was the first time the cousins had ever met and their parents and grandparents were thrilled the two boys connected so quickly. Having just been at a wedding where the best mad was the cousin, and the speech he made about their relationship, really hits home about how special a relationship with cousins can be.

Thank you all for inviting me to document some of the happy times you all shared while together in Bermuda - hopefully it was so fabulous that it will become an annual event! So happy you all had such a wonderful time. Love to you all, xxx

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