Friday, August 19, 2011

Simon, Suzanne, George & Henry

Simon and Suzanne met a few years back in Bermuda and were married last August in Lake Louise, Canada. I photographed them with their family in the Botanical gardens just before their wedding last summer. Now, a year later, they have sweet baby Henry who has joined their family. Big brother George lives in London with his mum, but they wanted to capture their whole family together so waited until he was here visiting this summer. They chose to do the shoot at Warwick Long Bay as they spend a lot of time on the beach when George is in Bermuda.

Henry surprised everyone by arriving a month early on April Fools Day. He is absolutely adored by everyone in the family. George is a wonderful big brother to Henry and is very loving and gentle with him. He is looking forward to teaching Henry how to play football when he is a bit older but for now, he just cuddles him and gives him kisses which was so sweet.

George is six and gets to see his Bermuda family all the time as they also have a place in London, but his favourite visits are the summer holidays in Bermuda when most of his time is spent in the pool or at the beach. He has loads of little friends here on the island and they look forward to seeing him each year. His absolute favourite pastime is football which he loves to play with his dad. His most loved team is Chelsea but he likes to collect as many jerseys as possible. He probably has about ten currently in rotation.

Henry is a wonderful happy baby who even allows his mummy to have a god night's sleep (her fingers are crossed that this will continue!). He is at the very cute stage right now of cooing and likes to talk to everyone and gives his family smiles all day long, though not at bedtime and sadly none for me either on the photo shoot. Henry Jack is named after his grandfathers on each side who have passed on. He is a well traveled little baby with one trip to Canada and two trips to London to see George under his belt so far. He is the second grandchild on Suzannes side and is adored as much as his older cousin, Benny, who came to keep us company at the shoot. Henry has lots of cousins on Simon's side who also have loved meeting him and smothering him in loads of love.

This is Benny, who had altered so much since I photographed him last year, but in his eyes, he is still the same little person - amazing and how I love my job to see how families grow and change.

Thank you Simon, Suzanne, George and Henry - your family are beautiful and most of all full of love which is brimming over the edges of everything and a joy to see. I had a wonderful afternoon with you and hope to see you again in the years to come. xxxx

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