Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Parker Family

The Parkers have lived in Bermuda for three years and had been meaning to get some new photos of Felicity for a while as they adore the ones taken of big sister Arabella at that same age. They moved here from London and will probably move back there at some stage so of course were keen to have the beach as the backdrop since it is the perfect setting to remember their wonderful experience on such a lovely island.

Arabella is four and is a kind and caring little girl. She loves her school and is already asking when she will return after the holidays. 

At 21 months, Flissy's language is growing every day and she is always copying her big sister's phrases which is absolutely adorable.

Arabella and Flissy are usually extremely tactile with one another, and although they were not having any of it on the day of the shoot, I managed to sneak a few delectable images of the two darlings being little snuggle muffins together.

Warwick Long Bay and Jobson's Cove have always been special to the family as it was one of the first beaches they visited when they first moved here. They now live in Warwick so it is basically their local so the ideal spot to capture some happy family moments.

Anyone who knows my obsession with curls knows I was just swooning everytime Flissy turned her head!

Jim and Lisa have been together for 18 years. They met in University in the UK and they are thrilled to have been given the opportunity to live in Bermuda s they adore the island and the different lifestule they have compared to London. Lisa is lucky enough to be at home with the children which she loves as she can see the two girls develop each day.

Arabella is an excellent big sister and just adores Flissy. They play very well together although Flissy is just learning that she doesn't have to say yes to everything Arabella asks her to do.

I loved watching them play - Arabella would build up the tower and every time Flissy would knock it down. They both thought it great fun and Arabella very good naturedly put it back together and Flissy very innocently whacked it over again.

Then Flissy built it up on her own and I think realised how nice it was to actually leave it up.

Thank you all for such a sweet shoot - the girls are just so good to each other and I loved capturing your family in a place special to the four of you. xxx


  1. Great work!! I love all the pics you post of your kids. It's so cute to see how similar they look!

  2. wonderful maternity photography I like all images and that is beautiful images and I love baby. you can use these all images for the wallpaper.


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