Monday, July 25, 2011

Bibb Family

I photographed Bibb family at the beach two years ago so I was thrilled to come to their home this time to capture the five of them having fun in a place they love. Jason and Tracey are aware of how quickly the children are growing up. They decided this shoot would be all about family and fun and they really wanted to capture the big personalities and wonderful energy of the children. The garden has lots of space to run and also we were able to bring outside this amazingly fabulous hot pink sofa - how divine is that?  They thought the pink would be a great contrast with the colours in the garden and how right they were. This is one of the reasons I adore shoots at clients' homes. One has access to so many personal things that really make the shoot special to them and it keeps everyone excited about the shoot.

The kids have all changed so much in two years, but of course the most noticeable was Isla who had gone from a baby to a little girl. And she was quite the little jumping jelly bean. I realised early on that a traditional portrait of everyone happily sitting may be a little tricky so just went with it and I have to say, the results are so much more fun - I am smitten with the sofa, the jumping and indeed the family.

Next Erin and Max decided to get in on the action and I was blown away by how high they could leap - it was so much fun. Timing was little tricky, but none the less, makes a hilarious series of photos.

I did manage to capture a couple of them all sitting together in the end!

Erin is 12 and is really patient with her siblings and always such a fantastic help with her parents. She was so into dressing up for the shoot which always is so fun. She happily wore my floral wreath and glam necklaces to give the images the perfect look.

Max is 7 and is a the classic boy with loads of energy and agility. He loves to climb and swim and always has a new trick to share.  He was full of fun and cheeky little jokes and games - a real character.

This was the view I had of Isla most of the shoot. I wasn't complaining as I love love love curls (can you tell I don't have any?), but getting a more classic portrait of this little love bug was not on the cards. Bu she is a really girlie girl and loved to dress up too. She has a strong personality and knows exactly what she wants, which is a very good thing - you can really imagine the impressive woman she will one day be. She is quite the clown too and makes the whole family laugh with her antics.

Isla started to spin in her little dress and I knew it was time to pull out the pettiskirts I had brought. As soon as the girls had them on, they couldn't stop twirling and the frills just looked so pretty. I love these two below - my focus wasn't set yet but I adore how the out of focus image is so dream-like.

Erin had such fun playing dress up with her little sister to help get some shots of Isla - I loves these. It was hilarious as Isla insisted on wearing the peachy one even though that was the larger size so Erin, ever the trooper, agreed to wear the rather tight childs size 2 while tiny Isla wore the size 6!

How darling is this flower wreath and the pearls - and I love that it is their home behind in the background.

Of course it was then Max's turn to show off his agility by swinging like a monkey on the money bars on the swing set.  He was upside down and all over the place.

Erin has been playing the violin for four years and is a member of her school orchestra. She played me some tunes which I adored and Isla seems pretty keen to get learning too.

Isla's favourite toy is Bunny Foo Foo. He used to be white but with all the love she gives him, he is now a darker shade of grey! She lost him a year ago and a family friend found him behind the counter of a bookstore and instantly recognised him so they are reunited and the love is as strong as ever.

Max will treasure these images with his chinchilla as sadly, Buxx died a few weeks ago so they will be very special to Max and indeed the whole family.

Thank you Tracey, Jason, Erin, Max and Isla - I loved sharing so much fun with you at your home and getting to know each of you a bit better from the last time. You are all full of fun and blessed to have such a close and loving family. xxx

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