Monday, July 18, 2011

Purcell Family

Kim and Brice were married five years ago at Stonehole Bay and their dog, Tucker, was part of the ceremony. I was heavily pregnant back then and did not capture their service, but was able to shoot their reception on board a boat where the glorious late afternoon sun just made the day perfect. Sweet Annie came along three years later and so the family thought it would be perfect to go back to the place where it all began for a family session.

I adored the darling fairy wings they brought along for Annie and how they tied in with the colours of the shoot - just soft and beautiful.

I brought along a shell, the flower wreath for her hair and the necklace to add even more fancy to the dreamy image of this little love bug.

The wreath was sewn by my friend Jen for her daughter to wear in a workshop of mine, so it was a little big for Annie.

How divine is the symmetry between these two photos above and below - Tucker really is a member of the family.


Kim and Brice have not changed at all since the wedding - yet so much has changed in their lives. Heaven.

At the wedding, Kim wore this beautiful shawl for the ceremony so they thought it would be fun to incorporate it into the shoot with Annie - she was not thrilled at the idea so we kept having to drape her and she was like a little wisp of wind flying about, but managed to capture her with it in one or two.


Thank you all so much for such a lovely shoot - I loved the colours, the sweet small details and especially, Annie's twinkling eyes when she smiled! xxx

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