Friday, July 15, 2011

Graham Taylor Family

The Graham Taylors were given a gift certificate from some friends and I was thrilled when they chose to do the shoot at their home near Flatts. It was such a quirky home with lots of nooks and was such fun capturing the family, especially the kids, doing what they love to do most of the time. They feel very lucky to have the opportunity to live in such an historic house in such an amazing location right on the water.

There is something about a family with three girls - there is just an energy that is so free and beautiful.

 Gracie is 15 years old and loves music, her ipod, fashion and hanging out with her friends over and above anything else. She is a talented artist and musician and plays guitar and piano.

Louisa is 12 and loves to cook. She adores it so much that she hopes to be a chef one day. She has a very big heart and loves spending time with her family.

Eight year old Evie is full of energy and is a funny little thing. She loves arts and crafts, reading and gymnastics. And I love her green eyes!

Thank you all for such a fun shoot - I adored the setting, the trampoline, swings, pool and dock, as well as the house's architecture. And most of all, I had a wonderful time spending time with your family.  xxx

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