Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baby Aneya

I photographed the Robinson's first daughter, Saria, when she was just two months old. Now she is almost three years old, and she and her parents have recently welcomed baby Aneya into the family. Cheryl and Ed felt it was very important to capture Aneya's early months as well - to have photos when each of the girls were at a similar age so I was lucky enough to capture some fun family time and see what a beautiful little girl Saria has grown into.

We had wanted to do a different beach than the one where we had photographed Saria as a baby, but as fate would have it, there was a wedding at the new location, so we ended up back at Warwick Long Bay. I wasn't sure if I should try to follow the same path as we had done a few years earlier so that they could have matching images to frame next to each other, or if we should try to make it as different as possible. We ended up doing a combination which was perfect as the girls have some similarities, but are also so different, and Aneya was already almost four months so that much older.

Real tears - I don't remember seeing tears too often from either of my babies at that age, but Aneya cried large sweet wet tears when she grew hungry towards the end of the shoot.

Luckily her mama was on hand to quieten her down with a quick and healthy snack - LLL would be proud!

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  1. omg these are perfect!
    great job...and beautiful family


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