Monday, July 6, 2009

Bermuda Wedding - Mid Ocean Club: Pam & Russell

Pam and Russell's wedding was sweetened with layers of history repeating itself, and topped off by plenty of friends and family who were able to fly to Bermuda from the UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Cayman Islands. From the flowers to the church to where they planned to spend their first night, the entire wedding had echoes of the past ringing in the new marriage, magnifying the sentiments of the day.

Russell's parents lived in this boat house when they were first married. And as coincidence would have it, The Boat House now belongs to Fidelity where Pam works, so it made sense for the couple to request to spend their first night as newly weds in this historical spot. It must have been an amazing feeling for Pam to prepare for her wedding in the first home of her soon to be in-laws.

Pam's classic Duchess silk dress was designed by Vera Wang, as were the bridesmaids' dresses.

The weather had been raining on and off all day and just as we stepped outside for some bridal portraits, it started to sprinkle again, but this did nothing to dampen Pam's mood which elated the entire group.

The ceremony was held at St John's Church, where Russell's parents had also been married, and where many of the Williams family ancestors (including his beloved great grandfather, Edgar) are laid to rest. In fact, the organist for the ceremony, Bill Duncan, is the same organist who performed during Russell's parents service.

Rev. Nicholas Dill, who is known for his amusing and personal services, did not disappoint as he brought new meaning to the day with his layering of humour and wisdom.

By the time the couple climbed into their carriage, there was a torrential downpour but their spirits were flying high above the rain filled clouds.

The two first met in 2002 in Bermuda, while Russell was home for a holiday from his job in London. Pam had moved to the Island from England to work as an accountant a few years earlier. The following year, the two re met and fell in love while Russell was back on the Island on his way to a new job in Hong Kong, so it was only natural that Pam would join him.

Rings were from Rebacca Jeweller in Hong Kong. They were picked out over a year and a half ago, before Pam moved back to Bermuda. She was also surprised with a gift from her Hong Kong group of friends, not all of whom were able to make the Bermuda wedding. The piece was a sapphire and white gold lucky horse-shoe pin, also from the Rebacca Jeweller. Pam pinned it on the inside hem of her dress and is convinced that the pin brought her good luck with the weather on the day as once the newly weds joined the reception, the skies cleared and they had a lovely evening.

Pam had chosen a long veil after seeing photos of a friend's veil blowing in the wind. It was a beautiful breezy day on the beach so Pam had fun spinning about to help her veil dance on its own.

The bride's bouquet was an exact copy of the flowers her mum had carried on her wedding day. Flowers by Petals. Hair and make up by Strands.

The traditional Bermudian Bride's and Groom's cakes were made by Juliette Jackson. Mrs Jackson told Pam that the reason the gold and silver leaf came about was because in the olden days, Bermudians didn't have a ready supply of icing sugar, but they did have plenty of gold and silver to use instead! Inside the groom's cake was the traditional golden pound cake representing wealth, while the bride's was made of a fruit cake to represent fertility.

For more images from this wedding, please click here for a slideshow.

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