Friday, February 28, 2014

Oslo is shaving is head for St. Baldrick's

Oslo has had longish hair for as long as he has had hair. He couldn't bear getting his hair cut when he was little so I would just snip a bit here and there when I could. So he has never really had a style as such, other than shaggy I suppose. The few times he has been to the hairdresser, he ended up hating the cut so much that he would wear a hat until the hair grew out a bit. So imagine my surprise when I suggested that he shave his head for St, Baldrick's and he immediately said yes. I had already explained to him that people shaved their heads so that they could try to understand a hint of what it felt like to lose one's hair through chemo, even if the shavee didn't have the horrid illness part. He seemed so open to trying to put himself in a child with cancer's shoes and so on 14th March, Oslo will have his head shaved at BAA. In the meantime, he is trying to raise as much money as he can for the St. Baldrick's Foundation which puts the funds towards research for childrens' cancer cures. Of course, I would also love that a huge chunk of those funds would be put towards educating people on how to avoid some of those cancers that are environmentally caused through diet and other lifestyle choices, not to mention alternative methods rather than only chemo and radiation, but all the same, this charity has made the world of difference to countless families' lives and I am so so proud of Oslo that he wants to be a part of it.

The last time Oslo was bald, he was a baby so will be interesting to see if he changes from looking like Peter Pan and goes back to being just like Curious George. I think I am more distressed than he is in anticipating the dramatic change, but one think I am looking forward to is stroking that hair as it comes back in - one of my favourite sensations - let's just hope Oslo actually lets me touch it!

I am such a proud mama bear for what Oslo is doing - he is realising that he is incredibly blessed, but that he can make a difference to those who are not is such a good place right now. He is trying imagine what life is like for those sweet children who are suffering with such a heart breaking disease and I hope this is the start of a very charitable heart. 

If anyone would like to support Oslo's cause, please CLICK HERE and you can donate any amount - every penny makes a difference - and please put Oslo's name in the comments box so he knows you have supported his efforts.

Thanks so much!

Love Sacha and Oslo xxx

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