Monday, March 3, 2014

Kevin, Angela, Blake and "PJ" the Bump

Angela and Kevin were a mixture of thrilled and terrified when they found out that they were expecting baby number two when Baby Blake was not even seven months yet. They were just starting to feel like they had their feet under themselves as new parents and surprise, "PJ" (the new baby boy's nickname) was on the way! The family were excited about yet another exciting new stage in their lives so wanted to capture these memories in photos so they can later show both their sons how excited the entire family was when they were expecting PJ.

Although they didn't find out whether Blake was a boy or a girl until he was born, this time, Kevin really wanted to find out. He couldn't say why he felt differently, but he just wanted to know instead f it be a surprise. Angela still didn't want to find out, but then she thought it would be fun to have something different between what they did for the first and the second so she finally gave in and asked the doctor who replied that she would be surrounded by boys.

Many people ask if Angela was hoping for a girl or if they will try again but she is perfectly happy with her boys and can't wait to watch them grow into men. And of course while Kevin was excited at the prospect of having a daughter to walk down the aisle, he is also relieved that he doesn't have to build a cage for her in their basement!

Blake is an absolute joy to Kevin and Angela. He is a happy, secure and laid back little boy. He is also incredibly busy and won't let them sit still for even a moment.

Kevin and Angela are wondering what Blake's little brother will be like in comparison to Blake: so far, he seems more determined and demanding, which they didn't think possible, but they'll see when he arrives in a few weeks! In the meantime, they are a little nervous about how to juggle taking care of a newborm and a very young toddler, but they are so incredibly excited to be a family of four and they can't wait to meet the new little man who was so insistent to meet them as soon as possible!

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