Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cindy & Acky maternity session

This gorgeous mama bear was actually pregnant ages ago. I was so smitten with how much we covered in our session that I processed them as quickly as I could. But the end of the session they ended up in the water and the "straight out of camera" shots were dull compared to how I envisioned the end product. But every time I tried to process the images in the dark moody blue way I wanted, their skin changed to colours that I couldn't accept as natural so I stopped to try again another time. And time slipped by and now it is crazy I am only sharing these now, and even still, the final image is not how I had hoped, but I still adore them all the same. Hope you do too! Congratulations Cindy and Acky on your new baby!! xxx

We started the shoot in my den which I am slowly slowly trying to turn into a Moroccan themed room, but this has been a process that has been in the works for years and still needs a lot more done. But this little spot was perfect for shooting Cindy in one of my saris - she looked stunning.

Acky came for the second part of the shoot. These two were so cute together - I so wanted to hang out and become besties with them!!

Cindy ended up being game for some pool shots and so we tossed in a few flowers to complete the image.

See what I mean - the colours are just not right - I wanted the depths of moody blues and her skin to still look like it was twilight but I just couldn't get it right - not my forte sadly!

Thank you Cindy and Acky for a fun shoot and congratulations on your new baby. Wishing you much happiness and thank you for your patience with the photos - hope it was worth it!! xxx

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