Monday, February 10, 2014

Baby Luke

Little Luke was born just before Christmas and his parents were over joyed with his arrival, not just because they couldn't wait to meet the new little baby, but also because his timing was perfect - it allowed them all to be home together for their first Christmas as a family of four.

Luke is extremely relaxed and easy going which Karen and Ben were not expecting at all as big sister, Lila, was also so easy that they couldn't imagine being so lucky a second time round.

Lila adores her new little brother and always wants to help change his nappy or give him a bath. She is very proud and tells everyone she meets about him - so sweet.

Luke didn't sleep for the session which I usually try to make happen so the baby's face is relaxed, but he was pretty chilled, though he did make a few funny expressions and let us know once or twice how he was not entirely impressed with being put in a bowl!

We decided to change things up and put him in a stocking. He only just fit so we didn't dare hang him but he looked so darling in there all the same.

Congratulations on your sweet angel boy - your family is complete! Thank you for asking me to document this incredible journey of life you are on and enjoy this special time. xx

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