Monday, November 18, 2013

Baby Charlie - Bermuda newborn photography

Charlie has been born into a very boaty family so it only made sense that his newborn session have a nautical theme. Zoe and Mark adore the water, love boating and live on Harrington Sound so the ocean is a big part of their lives. They had a nautical themed wedding and the decor in their home also has a nautical theme so this shoot was the perfect way to fit in with his watery themed nursery.

Charlie was a bit of a surprise when Zoe and Mark found out he was planning on joining their family, but now that he is here, they can't imagine life without him. Neither of the new parents have had any experience with babies so every day they learn something new, but feel so lucky to have the support of their amazing family and friends who have helped with cooking meals, visits and advice.

Zoe says she is the classic overly emotional new mother, while Mark is the level headed problem solver so the pair work well as a team for darling little Charlie. The new parents love to stare at Charlie every day and take in his ever changing face.

I have never seen a bow tie for a newborn before but think these pics are too darling to be true - how hilarious is his expression in the photo below?

Thank you Zoe and Mark for asking me to capture such a special time in your lives and thank you Charlie for sleeping like a star the entire shoot! xxx

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