Saturday, November 2, 2013

Anna & Kate and the BIG Balloons

Anna and Kate's mama wanted to do a Christmas card but since she went all out last year on a location shoot at the beach, this year, she just wanted a simple mini session here at my new house to get an updated photo of the girls who are changing less in a year than they used to when they were tiny. That said, simple for Sarah still included bringing the most MASSIVE balloons that really made the shoot such fun. And of course the girls were dressed as chic as ever so the session was a breeze. 


If you look, you'll see all the individual portraits are in pairs - it is as if the girls were trying to make similar expressions so their mama bear could put them in frames next to each other. Gorgeous!

Thank you girls for once again being little dreams to shoot. You were fun and smiley and a joy to capture! xxxx

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