Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby Carys - Bermuda newborn photography

Rebecca and Andrew had not wanted to know if they were having a boy or a girl until the baby was born, so when their sweet baby arrived, the doctor held Carys up for Andrew to see and he beamed a huge smile at Rebecca when he said they'd had a girl. Rebecca was so shocked and excited and of course burst into tears. When Rebecca first held her new baby, she thought to herself that Carys looked nothing like how she had imagined, with all that dark hair, but exactly as she was supposed to and absolutely perfect. The new parents are already of course so head over heels in love with their beautiful baby girl so I was thrilled to be able to go to their home and capture her early weeks.

I do so love the idea of a babe left on the doorstep. I secretly wish it sometimes myself since Ben was very keen that there would be no more are coming from my belly!!! So a doorstep drop off would be a grand option!

Andrew's mum, Grandma Adele had lovingly crocheted this darling little outfit of hat, top and booties. So very sweet.

I ended up using the hat to cover the not so pretty nappy and I think that is the next item to be crocheted - darling little bloomers!!

How cute is Carys as a little Halloween baby?!

This fluffy ball of love is Walli, their gorgeous kitty who was rescued in Canada. He has been their only child for the last three years and spoiled and treated like royalty so he wasn't thrilled at the arrival of Carys, but as the weeks have passed, he is starting to come around and lose some of his feelings of sibling rivalry.

Andrew's mum, Adele, and step father, Eddie, flew in from Canada as soon as Carys was born and stayed two weeks. They couldn't wait to meet the newest addition to the family.

Grandma Adele, on the left, and Grammy Pam, Rebecca's mum on the right, were both just so thrilled with Carys. Lucky Pam lives here so she stops by almost daily in the hopes that Carys will be aways and she can hold her since she can't get enough kisses and cuddles with her grand daughter.

Thank you Rebecca and Andrew for inviting me to your home to meet your sweet baby girl. She was quite the angel on our shoot and look forward to seeing how she grows. xxx

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