Monday, November 25, 2013

Andrew, Wendy, Isaac and Abby

This adorable family purchased one of my mini sessions I had donated to Somersfield for their fundraiser. Wendy decided they wanted to make it a full session so we had a blast doing all sorts of stuff with the kids in my garden! The kids were having a blast climbing on the sofa and exploring but we snuck a few fun pics in between!

Wendy says these two get along 90% of the time and the discussions they have is hilarious - would love to be a fly on the wall for some of their little chats - love that sort of thing.

Much of the shoot was like this, which I thought was so funny - little acrobats and future downward dogging yogis!!

Isaac is a sweet studious four and a half year old boy who is very much a thinker. He needs to assess and observe a situation first and then when he is ready, he will dive in. He loves the outdoors, jumping and playind and now often doing handstands. His little untaught yogi moves are his way of getting his wiggles out. He loves his teddies and dogs ever since he met a tea cup poodle over the summer. He hasn't been the same since and is now dying for his own pup to love and play with him.


Abby is the family's little ham. She came out smiling and has been making others smile and laugh ever since. She sings all the time and is always keen to organise a game of pretend with big brother Isaac. She is also very much Daddy's little girl which became apparent to me on the shoot but even when she hurts herself, it is him she runs to. Abby is a well balanced little almost three year old who loves trains and trucks as much as dolls and bears, but is especially happy when she finds a stick!


Thanks to the four of you for such a playful shoot - the kids were a hoot and I love the mad ones of them upside down or on top of each other on the sofa. xxx

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