Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kids on holiday

And as you may have guessed, their holiday sort of means mine too. Which means I am not really working - I keep trying to give them little projects so I can catch up on work but invariably I sit down for less than a minute before they need my help on whatever it is they are working on. So as you can imagine, lots of work is getting done, but it is work that involves sewing a skirt for indigo, or melting crayons on wax paper and making a Bermuda kite (will blog about that - so excited!). Our lovely nanny is still away so falling ever more behind and with the kids off school this week, pretty impossible to get anything done - hence the infrequent blog posts. So to tide you over, here are some pics I took of the kids a few weeks back - Indigo was given this DARLING dress for Christmas by her Godparents and it is in indigo coloured velvet - a real heirloom so either she or Oslo better have daughters too! Enjoy these pics while I try to sneak a moment here and there to process my regular work load. And those with kids off this week too, enjoy this time together! xxx

I bought this start fruit to use in my workshop and then forgot to use it so the children had fun with it but were more keen on eating it than letting me take photos.

And the flower crown was made by the mum of one of the workshop models but we were so excited by her gypsy outfit that never even had a chance to dress her in the dreamy white one so now it is in my props box for future shoots.

Oslo loved what Mia from the workshop did to improve my top hat - he is usually reluctant to wear it but with the feathers, he was convinced that was just the touch it needed.

I love it when the kids have something they like as a prop - both of them love to play with Ben's wooden chess pieces so Oslo is holding a knight and Indigo is holding a bit of the chandelier that fell off!

So happy half term for you mamas and kiddie winks out there and see you next week, if not before for some more client shoots! xx


  1. Very lovely.....as always...Nikkix

  2. Your children are beautiful! Lovely photos. Katie

  3. Such a delight to see your children like this. Tell Indigo I say hi. Suzanne


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