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Miriam & Robert - Bermuda Wedding - Tom Moore's Tavern

Miriam felt that when she found Robert, she had found her best friend and was finally coming home. He simply makes life easier when things get hard and she feels so incredibly lucky. They both enjoy creativity in all mediums, especially food, art, photography, music and architecture.  They adore hosting beautiful dinner parties in their sanctuary with close friends and family and share a love for exploring the world. Their marriage was just the final knot in a string of beautiful pearls that when put together, were greater than the sum of its parts. In tying the knot, these two really have come home... to each other.

Robert and Miriam opted to do an intimate first look before the ceremony so they could take photos of just the two of them, and with their wedding party earlier and not miss their cocktail reception where they had so many friends and family. I always love it when couples do this as I find those first moments so tender when they can actually speak to each other and say what they are thinking. Miriam even had a special gift to share with Robert.

Miriam's gift was a miniature flask in sterling silver with the message "To Robert, With all my love Forever, Miriam" and their wedding date engraved on the back.

The pair chose to do the photos at the beautiful gardens at the Crystal Caves due to the proximity to the ceremony and reception site. I just adored the dramatic backdrop of the royal palms with sun shining through.

The bride decided to create her own tradition so rather than wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue, she chose to have a rich red wedding gown. The dramatic dress was designed by couture designer Rohit Bal of India and was found in a store in Toronto-Indiva. The dress was transported back to India for the designer to make the necessary alterations to fit Miriam perfectly. I just adored the way all that fabric moved when she spun - I could have photographed her spinning all day!

Robert's groomsmen also received flasks with their names engraved as well as the wedding date on the back.

The bridesmaids dresses were found at BCBG Max Azria. As soon as Miriam saw the dress, she loved the colours and though they would compliment her own wedding dress. It was important to her that she found dresses that her girls could wear again and again, and not hang in a closet collecting dust. Miriam is known for her impressive high kicks which she showed off on her big day and her dress was perfect for the dramatics.

Miriam also gave her attendants wooden boxes with golden elephants on them from India. Inside the boxes were bags of Darjeeling Leaf tea. The elephants represent love and love for the family, and indeed in the Indian culture, the elephant symbolises unity in the family. Miriam chose her bridesmaids since they have unconditional love for her and they unite as a family together.

The sumptuous autumnal bouquets, arrangements and boutonnieres were created by Designer Flowers.

When Robert proposed, the pair wer on the top of the Temple of Poseidon in Greece. Feeling full of romance, with the history of the iconic temple over looking the Aegean Sea inspiring him, Robert held onto his love's hands with his eyes overflowing with deep affection and love. Miriam was overflowing with emotion too, but she was also overflowing with desperation to find a loo and was tortured as this momentous moment was clouded by her impossible need to relieve herself in a place she knew she could not. But it simply magnified the intensity of it all and certainly is a moment neither of them will ever forget.

Love love love the rooster in the below pic!!! He was quite keen to get in all the shots and did not stop strutting his stuff the entire time we were at the Crystal Caves gardens.

After the group and couple's photos, we headed over to Tom Moore's Tavern where the ceremony and reception were taking place. The couple had longed to have an outdoor wedding and had originally hoped to host the ceremony and reception on their dock. They soon realised that the space would not be appropriate for everyone they had on their guest list so looked at alternative venues. Tom Moore's had always been a favourite spot to dine for Robert's family, and both Robert and Miriam love the outdoor setting there, as well as the food and great service. Having someone else host the party so that they could simply enjoy their special day and celebrate with friends and family was the best choice in the end as was the setting.

The bride had some special moments with her family and maids before heading down the aisle on the arm of her father to join the man she loved. To Miriam, the entire ceremony felt slightly like an interactive film with commentary from the minister, her parents, their guests and themselves.

Miriam's rings were quite a sight to behold, and the placing of them all on the bride's finger was an entire ritual in itself. Miriam has always loved large rings and so Alan Porter of Solomon's suggested that they create a ring made out of many which she could stack and interchange for any outfit or mood. The result was a design created through Alan Porter and Les Sarak of Toronto, Canada. It has three diamond bands - one in pink gold, another in yellow gold, and the third in white gold. She then has six matching bands (two in each colour of gold) to complement the diamond bands. As a result, she can wear a different look for each day of the week, or with 9 rings in total, the possibilites are many. On the wedding day, Robert placed the three eternity rings and the two while gold bands on her finger. So far, she has worn them only that one way for she loves it so very much, though she often swaps in the yellow and pink gold bands instead.

Robert's wedding band came from a beautiful little jewelry boutique calle Lithos, which the pair found while in Greece. The ring has small little crowns around the entire band which was perfect for him since his last name is King, and it was a Greek design which was perfect to commemorate their engagement in Greece. It was there that they also found Miriam's gorgeous green apple amethyst engagement ring. On his right had, Robert wears his own engagement ring which is gold with Royal Lapis and a diamond. The groom designed the ring himself and had Solomon's and Les Sarak of Toronto create it. Robert had the ring made after their house was broken into and all of their jewelry was stolen. But what the two discovered through this incident is that they had one another and their health and although possessions can disappear, their love for one another is the most important and nobody can steal that from them.

Dr Jimmy Lee Brown is the music teacher at Berkeley School as well at the organist for St Andrew's Church. He is also a personal friend of the family with a beautiful voice and performed an emotional piece at the ceremony.

After the service, we slipped over to the water's edge near the opening to the jungle. The backdrop of those turquoise cave waters and the mangroves was so romantic and even though the light was fading fast, we still were able to capture some magic between the newly weds.

 I feel like swooning when I look at this photo of the two of them below...

How adorable is my technical blunder below. It was so dark that my poor little lens what having a heart attack trying to auto focus and I was of course a bit nervous too, but when mistakes come out this beautifully, makes me ever so grateful for the situations that push me to make images I would not usually make on my own.

After the above shot, decided to rely on manual focus...

Miriams's hair was done by Jan of Inner Sanctum and her make up by Terenay of Parfait Cosmetics. Both artists visited the bride's home before the ceremony for the finishing touches.

Once it really was too dark to capture any more of the newly weds canoodling, they headed back to their guests and the celebrations that awaited them.


Their first dance was "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, who have incidentally just become engaged themselves! They chose the song because the words were so true for the lovebirds - they really are so lucky to have found each other.

Their cake was one of the funkiest I have ever seen, and such an unexpected wedding cake, though so very representative of the couple. They met several times with their friend and pastry chef, Jorg Rudolf. He works at Pompano Beach and has his own business, Couture Pastry Bermuda. Since the couple love traveling so much and have been to India, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Greece and Malta together, they came up with the theme of the world being their oyster. They are so luck to have had the opportunity of traveling to so many places already, and still long to discover even more new places together. The world begins with the two of them and from their union, they will continue to see, share and support one another, no matter what life throws at them. The chocolate and vanilla flavoured suitcases represented travel, and the stamps on them were for seven wonders of the world that they have already seen - the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, Maccu Picchu, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Colosseum and of course, Bermuda! The mango flavoured globe represented the rest of the places they hope to visit as a married couple.

 Miriam and Robert - your wedding was as unique as both of you. I am so happy you have so many special memories, from the totally improvised first dance that was such a hit to sharing in the celebrations with the family and friends from here and abroad to the fun Shaya-King trivia you created for each table. It was a magical day and I wish you both many more magical moments in your lives together. xxx

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