Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lau Family

 This shoot was the first one for the Lau family since they are a complete family. They had not had a photo taken of all of them together with Baby Joseph, their third and final addition to their family. They now feel complete since Ben now has a son to carry on his family name after him, which is of utmost importance to Ben's father his their Chinese heritage. This contrasts greatly with Joann's family history of female martyrs who have led generations of strong and independent women. The Laus are loving raising their children in the loving, safe and protected environment that Bermuda offers, and they hope to raise each of the children to be open minded, independent and free spirited.

We had originally planned to do the shoot at the beach, but a huge storm was coming and the seas were raging and the beach was neither beautiful nor safe on the day of our session so we shifted at the last minute to the Botanical Gardens. It ended up being perfect for the family adores spending time there and we shot in some of their favourite spots. They live nearby and often stroll over on the weekends.

I for one am smitten with this arch and when it is in full bloom with all those passion flowers, and when the light is right, it can't be beat.

Megan is ten and the gardener of the family. She enjoys nurturing all sorts of plants from seeds and definitely has a green thumb.

Genevieve is seven and has celebrated her last two birthdays in the Botanical Gardens so it was a perfect location to capture yet more memories. She is the dramatic yet sympathetic and passionate child in the family.

Although Joseph is the baby of the family, he is their loudest and most active child. He is a bundle of energy and loves copying his sisters in all they do. His parents are quite certain he will soon be competing for mirror time in the bathroom with his sisters.

The lily pond is another favourite spot the children love to go to when they visit the gardens. Searching for toads, goldfish or the glorious lotus flowers that bloom are an endless source of entertainment.

Genevieve loves all things pink and pretty, especially her sequined sparkly pink shoes!

Another thing the children adore about the Botanical Gardens is the banyan tree - it is the best climbing tree in Bermuda and can be as challenging or as simple as their age and ability allows.

At the end of the shoot, the kids were rewarded for their good behaviour and gobbled up their delicious treats.

Ben and Joann have been married for 11 years and have been living in Bermuda for even longer than that. Their children know no other home than this beautiful paradise and they feel very fortunate to be able to raise their family on such a wonderful island.

 They count their blessings every day for all the joy and laughter they share, and for the happy moments the children bring to their lives.

Thank you all for a wonderful shoot - your family are full of joy and wonder and thankfulness. Looking forward to seeing the children grow! xxx

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