Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sophia, Michael, Ravi, Vidya and the bump.

I photographed Sophia and Michael almost 6 years ago when Ravi was in utero. I was pregnant myself and although I had always been fascinated with the pregnant form, I became more so when I had Oslo growing inside me and changing me so. I photographed the couple against a black background using dramatic lighting. It was beautiful and although I missed capturing Vidya in her mama's belly, we timed it well to capture the whole family together while Sophia was still pregnant with their third baby.

These two below are actually the same image, but I just wasn't sure which worked better. I think I prefer the softer one, but the graphic black and white is a fun change too, especially for an outdoor shoot which I usually shoot in a more gentle way.

Tell me this is not the most divine mama daughter pic. What beauties.

I know the image below is not sharp - well the tip of her skirt at the top of the pic is, but her leg is not. It was tricky with the movement to capture it, but I just thought it was fascinating that when Sophia picked Vidya up, she automatically became a little ballerina. Can you believe the arch of her foot or the right angle of her legs? Sophia used to dance for the Dance Theater of Harlem so I imagine she gets a little instruction now and then, but still, for a not yet three year old, I am pretty amazed she does it so naturally.

These next few are my faves of the day - just captures the fun of childhood and what it is to have a sibling.

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