Monday, June 28, 2010

Monkey Tail Beach

This beautiful fun loving family love the beautiful azure sea and pink beaches of Bermuda so although we shot the family at the beach last year, they decided to shoot at another beach which  has meaning to them. Frick's Point is called Monkey Tail Beach by the girls as a result of all the Norfolk Pine that over hang the entrance to the beach. When the needles fall to the ground and turn brown, they look like monkey tails and the children adore to collect them in the winter after a storm. The family love to walk or cycle to the beach and have enjoyed many happy memories.

Caiti and Gemma are such darlings. I have known them for years since Caiti was in play group with Oslo, and now Gemma and Indigo are together in the same play group. They are sweet and snugly and great friends - such a blessing to have a sibling.

The family adores the peaceful atmosphere at this beach and the view of Charles Island and the cave at the end.

I always suggest bringing props and fun outfits so I was thrilled when Jenni brought these umbrellas. Just makes the shoot.

They brought bubbles too but it was a bit windy in all different directions so not a success in terms of lots of bubbles filling the image, but love this shot anyway.

And there is nothing better than dressing up when you are a kid so being a mermaid at the beach can't be beat. And how beautiful these costumes are against that turquoise water.

These feather boas were the best - the girls had such fun and all the different accessories made it feel like a really long shoot when really, it was just an hour long.

Can see that the girls get their snuggle muffin-ness from Anthony and Jenni.


  1. Beautiful vintage look in some of these.

  2. oh wow! The girls are adorable - what a fun shoot! Great details with the umbrellas, shells and candy! Makes it SO unique! Gorgeous!!

  3. Amazingly beautiful work (AND MODELS!!!!)
    Love it. Love the memories.


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