Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beth & Kevin's wedding - Elbow Beach, Bermuda

Beth and Kevin love to travel and especially love beach holidays, so when Kevin popped the question while the pair were dining at The Reefs while on holiday here in Bermuda last year, the two decided it would only make sense for their wedding to be as sandy, sunny and sensational as the time they started planning the rest of their lives together. They chose Elbow Beach for their nuptials and reception and it was perfect with its combination of lush garden settings, the beach and a splendid cliff top terrace over looking the expansive ocean views.

The light was better in the shade, but I love how they get the ocean view in the reflection of the glass nonetheless.

Beth's hair and make up was done by Natasha Rosdol and she looked stunning.

Designer Flowers created the elegant and vibrant bouquet and I loved the details of the beads, carms and mini mirror for Beth to check her make up through out the day.

Beth and Kevin met on the subway in New York in the summer of 2006 and chatted the entire journey. It turned out the pair worked for the same firm and so when they parted ways, Kevin decided to look Beth up in the company directory. They started as friends and by the time Kevin was deployed to Iraq for 15 months that spring, the two were keen to continue their close bond. Over the 15 months and 5,995 miles keeping the pair apart, they fell in love and after hundreds upon hundreds of calls, letters, cards and emails, Kevin returned back home safely where they were able to start their lives together.

These two were so open to any of my ideas. I was thrilled they didn't mind lying in the hammock, but when they didn't bat an eyelid at my suggestion that they lie down in the sand, I was blown away. I think it was worth the sandy shoulders though!

The newlyweds headed up to the Ocean Terrace which was impeccably decorated with the wedding colours.

The wedding cake and reception food were all done by Elbow Beach.

Beth and Kevin - thank you for including me in your amazing wedding - I hope your honeymoon in Carpi and Rome was fabulous and perhaps will see you back here in Bermuda in the future! xx


  1. Beautiful! so vibrant and full of color. I just love to color combination :)

  2. These pictures are unbelievable! What a beautiful couple! Beth you are STUNNING!!!!


  4. Not just GOOD, actually AMAZING! Great subjects, great photograhy. Captures the joy beautifully.

  5. The pictures are beautiful!!!! All the best.

  6. These pictures are beautiful. Looks like a catalog, Beth has a career in modeling, Kevin, not so much.

    I wish we were there but this is a very good substitute.

  7. A somewhat different take on a perfect day at the beach - captured perfectly on camera.


  8. Congratulations Beth!! The pictures are beautiful. I wish you a life time of love and blessings.


  9. Stunning pictures! I love the 31st picture down. It looks like it should be in a magazine! The ones in the hammock are also great! Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!

  10. Gorgeous. Are you using a tilt shift or lensbaby for some of the shallow depth of field images? Love the look and considering getting such a lens.
    Birgit Walsh

  11. Conratulations to both of you. These pictures are stunningly beautiful. Almost made the wedding!

  12. I have planned weddings in the past and they are the most exquisite photos I have ever seen. They are right out of a Wedding magazine.


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