Friday, May 28, 2010

Kat and Dominic

Kat and her hubby, Robin, were keen to get some shots of sweet little Dominic before his fleeting baby-ness disappeared into toddler-hood. One of his parents' favourite images was seeing him naked at the beach this spring so they were keen to capture that memory in photos before they moved to the UK.

I was so thrilled when I pulled up to the parking area of Warwick Long bay and saw Kat holding the bunch of balloons. Such a simple prop, but I think they really made the shoot fun and special. It gave her something to do rather than feel self concious and they were also a great vehicle for me to play around with sun bursts!!

Sadly, Dominic's daddy had already left for London before Kat planned the shoot, since the ideal would have been to have the whole family together, but Kat was still so happy that she was able to make some lasting memories of her own with her baby boy in Bermuda before they left.

Look at this child - I was smitten!

Torn between these two - love love love both!

Last summer, when Dominic was only a couple of months old, they used to swim with him every day and as a result, he is a true water baby. Now that he has moved to England, apparently that love for the water is translating into his trying to jump into the duck ponds at the park which is never as good an idea as wading along Bermuda's pristine shores.

These two are actually the same image but I could not decide which crop or which manipulation I preferred so I have included both!

Now that they family is in London, although they are missing their beloved St George's, they are enjoying the big city. Dominic is loving riding on the back of his mummy's new bicycle in his baby seat and enjoying the view of the Thames. He may miss driving the Bermuda car though I imagine!

Thank you Kat for bringing the balloons and making the shoot so special. I know you will enjoy your time in London but hope to be able to capture the whole family next time you are in Bermuda. Happy settling in - I hope you have unpacked more boxes than I have!!! xx

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