Thursday, May 27, 2010

Horan Family Reunion

The Horans had me photograph their family last year at Stonehole Bay. I always try to shoot in a different location from previous sessions, but since the children's grandmother, plus their two great aunts were visiting from all over the globe, the family was keen for another beach shoot and wanted to shoot at the same place. I was nervous about it being too similar, but we went to totally different spots this time and I think we were successful both in making new memories and using varied backdrops.

Carol was over last year from South Africa visiting her daughter and grandchildren, but she and her two sisters had not all been together since 1999 since Di lives in Toronto and Les lives near Cape Town. This shoot was a 60th birthday gift for Carol, but of course the best gift of all was the visit from her sisters and being able to spend so much time with her family all in once place.

Carol was also in Bermuda to help with the children while the Horan's nanny was away since both Nicki and Dave work full time. The kids were spoiled rotten, as were Dave and Nicki!

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