Thursday, January 21, 2010

There is a reason for everything

Some of you may be wondering why I have not been posting so frequently, and when I do, why am I blogging so much about my kids rather than my wonderful clients! First of all, our beloved nanny, Christine, or Tin Tin as the kids call her, is away for 5 weeks so all has come to a virtual stand still on the processing end as I have only about an hour and a half to work each day and this is taken up with reading and flagging emails - I do not even have time to respond! So if you have sent me an email, I am so so sorry - things will return back to normal a bit more hopefully by end of Feb. But for now, I am adoring being an almost full time mum and that includes blogging about the kids - a lot!

I do have 3 more weddings from last year to blog about still, as well as some more portrait sessions from then too, and of course the odd weekend shoots I am squeezing in now when the weather and my family cooperate. I am also trying to prepare for my workshops which is a huge under taking but all very exciting.

So please don't give up on me or more importantly, looking at my blog (all the time!). I am doing my best and struggling to stay afloat without ruining my reputation entirely as a photographer and also a wife and mum, not to mention a sister, daughter, friend and the list goes on! And because all photographer's blogs need at least one image per post, here is a shot my sister, Amanda, took of me with Oslo and Indigo.

Please keep stopping by - you readers make this blog really worthwhile so bear with me and stay tuned!


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  1. Who could ever stop reading Sacha?!! Enjoy the time with your beautiful children. Miss you!


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