Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy birthday i heart faces

I have just stumbled upon this very cool site where anyone can enter face images. Check out their blog - such fun!


And today is their first birthday so I thought I would celebrate by entering for the first time with one of my fave images recently, even if it is of my own child!

I thought Indigo was pretty hilarious here, though I know she didn't. I don't even know what she was crying about - I never quite extracted that through all her sobs, but she had an empty snail shell in her hand and a partly peeled off sticker on her arm so perhaps one of those things led to the drama... either way, I love it for these moments are as much a part of her childhood as all the pretty pictures that I take in her more gleeful moments. Click on the photo to see it larger and her welling and falling tears in all their glory! You'll actually see her face is also covered in sand so perhaps that was the problem poor sausage.

Happy Tuesday to all of you and happy birthday to I Heart Faces.



  1. Oh what a sweet face! haha Great Photo!!

  2. I'm with you Sacha....tears & pain are very much part of the collective experiences that make life so beautiful! And, that photo of your little lovebug...so sweet!!! It reminds me of Jill Greenberg's series. Painfully delightful! Thanks for sharing!!! Now off to check iheartfaces. But, before I go, here's another blog I think you'll enjoy www.iheartstrangers.com. This guy seems too cool! As always, thanks for the inspiration! xo christine

  3. Ha! This made me laugh! Great face and great photo!

  4. so much drama, LOL. I love her name too


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