Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Baby Drew Kensington

Sweet baby Drew was born a month early but this little angel was perfect in every way. She came over to my home studio with her mama and brother for her first photo session. Sadly, her daddy was off the island that day, but her mummy says that it just gives them an excuse to have the whole family photographed together in six months!

Big brother David was such a love on the shoot. Apparently he was feeling under the weather and for a normal session, I would definitely want to have cancelled, for he was very clingy with his mummy. But it worked out wonderfully, for although we didn't end up doing most of our plans for the shoot, the end result was better than anything I could have planned with a typical high energy toddler. David just lied on the bed the entire time and was happy to snuggle his sister and mother. My heart was breaking it was all so beautiful and tender. I touched him and he was actually burning hot and I know he was fighting a fever but what a magical intimate family time was captured as a result!

David reached out and held his hand on Baby Drew's head and I could have cried it was so cute!

Thank you Tammy, David and Drew for coming over and although you were under the weather David, you were a super star, as were you darling little Drew. Such a lovely family xxx

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