Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Cousins

So I am sure anyone who follows this blog has been deeply aware that my posting this summer has been embarrassingly more erratic and less frequent than usual. There are plenty of reasons (aka excuses) like the fact that we moved house, the kids are off school with no camps and most recently, we went on holiday to France to see all Ben's family. So there was a devoted great granny to see in the UK before nipping down to the Dordogne to stay with Granny and Pa who love to spoil the kids rotten and next door the three cousins to spend endless hours playing in the river, picking blackberries and general cute cousin bonding time. So our heavenly trip was lovely and long, but of course put me further behind. Desperately trying to catch up now, but between still trying to settle into the new home and the kids being home for a couple more weeks, I think I won't be able to properly buckle down until mid September when they are back at school and I finally have the mornings to myself to work again. Thanks so much for your patience if you are waiting for photos, and thanks to the cousins for a great summer holiday! xxx

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