Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eugene, Lorene, Aaron, Brandon & Connor

With their two elder boys getting ready to leave home, it was important to Lorene and Eugene that they captured their last summer all together. They chose Cooper's Island because they had so many fond memories of spending time together there as a family, raising their three boys. We started off the shoot by including the beloved family dog, Dakota, in the photos. He is the glue to the family and will be a great companion to everyone left behind when the two older boys leave this fall. Luckily, he behaved just long enough for me to capture everyone together before he decided that his face would look much better completely covered in sand.

While Lorene and Eugene nipped home to drop off Dakota, I went off with the three boys to continue the shoot. I have to say, I was blown away by what polite, interesting and interested young men they were. They were eager to incorporate things that were important to their lives and to capture the essence of their family. Given they are teenage boys, this was a first time for me as usually I am met with HUGE amounts of resistance. And it just goes to show it is possible - not sure what Lorene and Eugene have been doing right, but I definitely want some tips for when my littles hit their teen years.

Aaron is 18 and off to university in the UK this autumn for the first time. He plans on studying business but I know he will do a lot more than that for he had a very creative and artsy way about him.. He loves music, cooking, entertaining and his friends.

Fourteen year old Brandon is the athlete of the family and is such an accomplished footballer, he has gone off to Spain to further his studies and play his favourite sport competitively. His parents tell me he is "Mr Cool Guy" and likes to laugh a lot and not take anything too seriously, though he is a loyal friend and a great listener.

Sweet Connor is still at school in Bermuda at only twelve years old. He is the baby of the family and is going to get loads of love now that he is an only child at home for the first time. Will make up for being a third child as a baby I bet! He also loves football and has an amazing memory with statistics about anything to do with football and cars. His mum jokes that he can be forgetful at times but sounds to me like it just needs to be a subject that fascinates him. He adores hanging with his brothers and a good meal so the holidays will be extra special from him in the future.


Thank you Lorene for giving me the opportunity to capture your beautiful family before the two older boys disappeared off to follow their dreams overseas. It was wonderful to meet you all and a joy to photograph such a loving family. Best of luck to you all in this new and changing year. xxx

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