Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Anna & Joe - Elbow Beach Bermuda - Engagement Session

Anna loves photos. Joe always teases her that their house is so filled with images of them and their dogs, but Anna always loves to think of the little couple in the Pixar movie, Up, and how she she kept a record of all their adventures. So photography has been something Anna has been looking at heavily since she and Joe have been trying to plan their wedding. At one point, they were hooked on one of the Caribbean islands, but when Anna couldn't find a photographer that fit the bill, the location was scratched. She tells me that when she came across my work, she thought they were as stunning and coupled with the colour of the water in Bermuda, the two love birds might just be hooked and have to tie the knot on our beautiful island.

Anna and Joe are a Match.com success story. She agreed to go on a date with him when she discovered they liked the same authors and he said he had a dog. Anna's best friend is her golden retriever and on their date, not only did they find out that they lived only minutes apart, but they also realised their pups look almost identical to each other. Their second date was a dog walk around the lake near where they lived and each of them could tell it was a perfect match, right down to the pooches!

A few months after they had started dating, Joe accepted a job on the east coast and moved that September. Anna is a school teacher so they spent the school year apart and flew back and forth once a month. Although it was hard, it gave Anna a chance to find the perfect school for her when she and their dogs made the move the following August.

The following April, the couple went to Niagara Falls for Anna's 30th birthday and to celebrate their first date anniversary. In the caverns underneath the falls, as water crashed around them, In typical saving-memories fashion, the couple wanted to take their photo together there in a small cove. They asked the people behind them to take their photo and as they handed the camera over, Joe slipped down on one knee and proposed! The gorgeous ring is aquamarine and looks watery and unusual.


Both Anna and Joe recently had braces and Anna even had jaw surgery last summer but now they are so excited that their smiles are wedding ready. I have to say, I am rather relieved to hear their absolutely perfect smiles had help for I was a little envious of their gleaming pearly whites!

After the romantic proposal at the water falls at Niagara, water has had a running theme in the couples' lives. When they were planning where to exchange their wedding vows, they thought of returning home, but decided the weather was too chilly and unpredictable, even in the summer. They wanted to find a beach, and enjoy a holiday at the same time, so having a destination wedding seemed like a good choice. The couple have been taking their time deciding since their engagement, but I think after they see how dreamy and romantic their shoot turned out here in Bermuda, how could they possibly ever choose to tie the knot anywhere else!

Anna and Joe - I loved meeting the two of you - you are so adorable together and the shoot was so romantic and fun the way you two are together. I do hope I get to meet you again if you marry here in Bermuda, but even if you decide you will not be tying the knot here in Bermuda, I am so happy you came for such a splendid holiday, and more importantly, captured those memories in proper "up" fashion! xxx

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