Sunday, May 26, 2013

Terrylynn & Demaune - The Reefs, Bermuda Wedding

Terrylynn and Demaune had a picture perfect wedding at The Reefs. I fell in love with these two when I met them at my home a few months ago and even more so after I heard what they do for careers. My hubby and I had just finished watching the fifth season of The Wire a couple nights earlier, and I was still reeling from the heart breaking stories of how hard and hopeless life in Baltimore can be for so many. It turns out, Terrylynn and Demaune work at a recreation centre in Baltimore called the Omega Baltimore which helps the very children The Wire based so many of its characters on. Their centre is a very very worthy cause and these two really are true angels in the city so if you are looking for a charity where you can share some of your blessings, this is a great one to choose. And I recommend watching The Wire as it is such a vivid and, according to Terrylynn and Demaune, extremely accurate account of life in Baltimore. It was so good to see that these two were able to slice out a tiny slice of time to honour and celebrate their own love before heading back home to help those who need their help so desperately. Much love to you both and many happy years ahead with each other and in all the good work you do. xxxx

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