Monday, March 4, 2013

Aaron and Eva

Aaron and Eva's mummy wanted to surprise their daddy for his birthday with some photos of the kids doing all the things that they love most. She knew she didn't want traditional family photos format so she and the children spent a lot of time brainstorming about what makes their childhood special, from climbing trees to playing football to dressing up and playing together outdoors. One of their favourite places to run around is the Arboretum, with all its wide open spaces where they can explore. They are real outdoor babies and whenever they are allowed, they will be barefoot.

Aaron is ten and is growing up so quickly, but I was thrilled to see he was keen to include in the shoot his favourite stuffed dog.

Eva was keen to have a photo with her favourite bunny. I loved her sense of style -very cute with her leggings, skirt and sweet pink slippers.

Aaron eats, drinks, sleeps and lives football and has done so ever since he was tiny. It's his passion and his drive. He knows who he is and what he wants to do and Liverpool FC will always be a part of it. As he puts it, "he will never walk alone".

Both kids adore climbing trees and if there is one that is good to climb, they will find it. The Arboretum is perfect with its rubber trees and glorious hanging roots to swing on.

Eva is a true free spirit and loves to live in a world all of her own. She adores her princess dresses, tutus and fairy wings. Her style reflects who she is on any given day - a fairy, a princess, a divar or everything rolled into one, which is, as she puts it, "just how she rolls."

This Liverpool FC flag is a fave item for Aaron and I love how he looks like a super hero.

Thank you Aaron and Eva for sharing so much of what you love with me. I think your dad will be thrilled with these special memories of your childhood and the fun you've had. xxx

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