Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Little Snow Princess

This is my sweet Indigo who is such a dreamer and lives her life in a fairytale most of the time. You may have seen my shoot with Julia as a Snow Queen. As soon as we finished the shoot, I had to dash out to pick up Indigo from school. The moment she came home and saw the set up and Julia taking off her dreamy gown, she begged me to wear one too. I had also made another skirt out of table cloths given to me by an ex wedding planner. The fabric was bright white organza and very flowy so I just looped the fabric over and over and tacked it onto a piece of elastic. Indigo threw on a white tank and I tied the new skirt onto her. She looked dreamy but with the addition of her tiara that I gave her for Christmas, and my Indian necklace, she looked like the Snow Queen's little princess - I loved it. So simple, and we just took a few snaps with her twirling around on the bed, but that was all we needed.

Thank you Indigo for always being so up for a photo - I know you are going to love these one day, but I imagine never as much as I adore these moments of your beautiful childhood saved forever. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful job, and such heavenly children. xxx

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