Monday, March 11, 2013

Jen and Shawn - Hamilton Princess, Bermuda Wedding

Jen and Shawn were engaged at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess a year ago so they thought it would be romantic to have their destination Bermuda wedding in the same very same spot where Shawn popped the question. The two had met on a Wednesday night one fall while doing hot yoga at a downtown studio. It was Jen's first time and Shawn's first time back in six months. They managed to lay their mats side by side in that crowded studio and it was instant chemistry. Jen fell in love with how Shawn made her laugh while Shawn initially fell in love with the freckles on Jen's left arm! They both could not wait for the next Wednesday night in the hopes of seeing each other again. As the weeks went by, they seemed longer and longer and hot yoga couldn't come soon enough. It took six weeks for him to work up the guts to finally ask Jen out and to this day, they still have date night every Wednesday.

Jen's dress was found at David's Bridal and her delightfully feminine sash was from Vera Wang.

Jen had her dress as her something new, her necklace as her something old, her shoes as her something blue and the spectacular scenery at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess as her something borrowed - how charming is that?

Jen's hair was styled by Ernest at the Inverurie Spa at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess hotel and her made up was done by Christopher Vee.

The luscious roses and orchids bouquet was designed by Petals and was the perfect splash of soft colour.

Hello gloriously sparkly shoes, designed by Bagdley Mischka.


Shawn's sons, Anikin and Tristan, were very excited to be the honourary wedding party.

The rings were designed and made by Michael Smiley. Shawn picked out the engagement ring all on his own and it didn't take him long to pick since the first one he saw, he knew it was perfect for Jen. The boys were the first and only ones to see the ring before he proposed.

Jen and Shawn were married under the very pagoda that had seen their engagement a year earlier.  It was very important to the couple to be married close to the water and very fitting for their family as they spend the majority of their live by the water with all their weekends up at their cottage, and even their city home is only a few houses away from a local beach.

During a candle lit dinner against the stunning backdrop of Hamilton Harbour a year earlier, Shawn surprised Jen by popping the question. They boys had known that Shawn would be proposing and although it was a very difficult secret for the then 7 and 9 year olds to keep, they managed to splendidly. Shawn had had to keep the ring hidden from Jen durting the majority of their holiday in Bermuda so he chose a sleeve of golf balls in which to stash the sparkler until the moment was right.

Although the couple missed their family and friends on the day they were married, it was very important to them to keep their moment private and share it only with Tristan and Anikin.

It turned out that Shawn's and Jen's families had a lot of history together. Shawn's father had been Jen's family's portrait photographer her whole life. She had never (knowingly) met Shawn as a child, but it is very likely he assisted his father during their Easter shoot when she was six and he was fourteen. Also, Shawn's cousin is Jen's grandparents' right hand mand and also very good friends with her aunt - such a small world and how lovely they finally found each other.

After the ceremony, the family decided they wanted to capture some portraits all together at the beach so we headed to Stone Hole Bay.

Thank you Jen and Shawn for including me in your intimate wedding and thank you Tristan and Anikin for being such fun with the photos. The wedding was very special and I hope to see you on your next visit! Much love and luck for a wonderful future together. xxxx

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