Friday, June 15, 2012

Christine, Gareth, Grayson and a beautiful bump

Christine absolutely loves being pregnant and loves how her body changes to grow this tiny human being. She feels it is such a special time of miraculous wonderment and growing a baby is truly a miracle so a heavenly theme seemed like a nice way to capture this pregnancy. We went for a simple look in my room with the dreamy fairy lights and fabulous church windows and Christine had seen these divine angels' wings from a previous shoot I'd done years ago and they were a perfect complement to the theme. This pregnancy was so different in comparison to her first so she wanted to capture her belly in a different way. At 22 months old, first baby Grayson was running around and Christine was always right after him so for this shoot, we took some time to capture her on her own before including Grayson and hubby Gareth in some photos as well.

Christine and Gareth like to keep the gender of their babies a surprise so at the time of the shoot, they didn't know that they would soon be the proud parents of a baby girl!

You may remember Christine and Gareth from their maternity session a year and a half ago.

And you might even recognise this little love bug from Christine and Gareth's wedding!

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