Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Alison the Healer

This is Alison. First and foremost, she is a dear friend, but she is also a talented healer. Certified in Classical Homeopathy, she practices at centres in Bermuda, Pennsylvania and Minnesota. I met her years ago when I was at my wit's end trying to help my two very sick children. Somehow, despite my deep (very deep) skepticism and complete inability to understand the science behind it, I have finally come to accept that I don't need to understand the hows and whys. I am simply happy that it works for our family and am thankful that something so simple and non invasive or toxic has helped the four of us so many countless times over the last four years. We are grateful we have not needed to take any chemicals since that first meeting when the kids were so small and I was so afraid. For our family, homeopathy has worked on countless small to serious illnesses, as well as emotional blockages for the children, and whatever it is in those wee pills, we are ever so happy to have someone talented like Alison to call upon each time we fall ill, and she is able to restore us to health every time.

The way I first came to know Alison was when Indigo had had a high fever for a week and no amount of tylenol or calpol (back when I used those items) could bring it down. It was so bad that where she was hallucinating. Oslo was also getting increasingly worse with a cough he had been suffering with for 5 months. It had become so bad that he would vomit from so much hacking and his school was getting extremely upset as whenever he ran around, he went into a coughing fit. It was Good Friday and I was crying on the phone to my friend Sophia, who owns the Bermuda Health Coop and she insisted I call their homeopath, Alison. This was not the first time Sophia had tried to get me to see a homeopath and I said I would finally call (though I doubt I would have), but she insisted that I ring back after I had made the call so there was no getting out of it. I did speak to Alison, who was so sweet about being bothered on a holiday, and over the weekend, after listening to my descriptions of what was ailing each child, she recommended some remedies to help with their acute problems. None of these remedies helped over that Easter weekend and all my nay saying was proven correct. But on the Monday, I took Indigo in to meet Alison for her fever and Oslo in for his cough. She said now that she had seen each of them, their remedies were obvious to her and she sent me away. She told me they should get worse before they got better which sounded like more quackery to me but I was desperate since the regular medical system had failed me at this point. When I collected Oslo from nursery, I asked how he had been and they told me he was not allowed to come to school the next day. I asked if he coughed a lot when he ran around and they told me that even just sitting he was in spasm all day. At home, Indigo was worse than ever. I had slipped her the first remedy while she napped so she had no idea about  it, but the next dose she was awake. She was only just 2 years old and for some reason, not sure if it was a hallucination or what, but she seemed terrified that I was trying to pop something in her mouth and she kept spitting it out. Long story short, finally succeeded and had told both kids they were candies and not medecine but I had to dash to a photo shoot. I was sobbing myself as the kids were so so sick and they were hysterical and begging me not to go. Oslo coughed uncontrollably and Indigo looked like a drugged creature when I left, yet when I returned, over the hill bounced two incredibly healthy children. Tin Tin, our lovely nanny, said that within 20 minutes of their remedies, each child literally made a full recovery and were suddenly full of beans and wanted to go play outside. I honestly couldn't believe my eyes when I came home to find these two vibrantly healthy kids when I had left them at death's door. This was just the first experience. You may have seen my last post about my pneumonia, but I have been bowled over time and time again. I constantly think it won't work on this illness, yet every time it has. Even Ben, who really thought I was in a lahlah land delusion about its powers, was cured from having such severe bronchitis that he only had 25% of his lung capacity. From early December until Alison was last here in February, he had been suffering and wheezing. On Boxing Day, he ended up in Emergency and they put him on steroids and antibiotics which did nothing to clear things up. Finally, with nothing to lose, he went to see Alison and the remedy she recommended healed him entirely in a couple of days. I still don't know if he accepts the "science" behind it but he definitely accepts it works. 

Alison is a truly talented healer - I know not all homeopaths are such experts at finding the right remedy for the person, and it is not always the very first recommendation, but she has always been spot on with us, especially the more she has seen each of us and gets to know our cases. We are so lucky that she comes to Bermuda to treat and we are even more lucky that she comes to stay with us! The kids simply adore her and I love trying to learn more about this amazing and under valued treatment. She is coming down later this month and if she has any spaces left in her schedule, I cannot recommend her highly enough - call Lotus on 296 5901 for an appointment! This may even be the last time she is here for a while so more worth it than you know!

Alison - we have always been so grateful for your generosity with our family - you are so incredible at what you do and we are so thankful to have discovered this wonderful way of healing. And most of all, thank you for your sweet and sincere friendship - you have become very dear to everyone in our family and we look forward to your too short stays and wish they were longer and more frequent! xxx

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