Sunday, June 10, 2012

Celebrating 40

How do six friends who have know each other since girlhood celebrate their 40th birthday year? They plan to all come back to Bermuda from countries afar for some of them, to spend the weekend together, reminiscing, toasting, laughing, and perhaps sharing a tear or two, at the beautiful Cambridge Beaches Resort. And what better way to savour this special time all together than to book a shoot to capture the love and friendship in photos.

All six women turn 40 this year, though it seems like only yesterday they were sitting in the quad at Warwick Academy. The world has proven to be a mixed bag of triumphs, disasters, lost loves, heartaches, vows, babies, successes, pride, promises and different countries, but through all of this, there has been one common theme - one seamless bond of friendship. And 30 odd years on, it has only strengthened with the trials and tribulations of life, growing up and finding themselves.

I met the friends in their room first where there were high spirits, despite the dark skies and howling winds. I had tried to cancel the shoot on the drive up to Somerset as a little rain began to fall but they were having none of it - a few drops of water and grey clouds could not stop them from having the time of their lives and honouring their history together with a photo session.

Cambridge Beaches is full of nooks and crannies and such a dreamy property to explore, though the light was not ideal for all the secret spots so we ended up on the beach where it was a little more open!

Here is how each of the women remembers each other when they were just school girls:

Sarah was famous for her fabulous mane of blond curls.

Louisa was the eternal artist and is just that today.

Ivone's smile melted hearts and was well known for starting sentences with "guess what!".

Leo was the sultry designer chick who has since evolved into elegant boho-chic.

Robin, who was always looking for the next adventure, is still full of life and twinkles.

Caitlin eventually became head girl and her quiet but impressive style today is magnetic.

This winds were wild that afternoon so at one point, instead of angling them all into the wind, I told them to just have fun and let it whip around them. Leo had been growing her hair long to donate to Locks of Love with her daughter so although she has short hair now, on the day of the shoot, her hair was insane! In fact, so was everyones - it was a hoot.

It may be that this moment of the six of them together can only be topped by them all frolicking on the beach once more when they are 70!

Louisa, Sarah, Ivone, Leo, Robin and Caitlin - I had such a blast with all of you. I love that it does not matter that many of you have moved to different countries, or that you do not see each other as often anymore. I love that the only thing that matters is that the world is warmer, gentler and more fulfilled with each other close by, if only you your hearts. You are good friends to each other to honour the special and historical bond you all share by celebrating together in such wonderful fashion after so many years. I wish each of you a happy 40th and hope you have many more opportunities to all be together again in the future, but for now, may these photos tide you over until the next reunion. xxx


  1. I don't know what I love more....these photos or these women and the fact that they came together to celebrate their 40th year, having known each other since childhood. LOVE this session Sascha and honestly, the women could NOT have picked a better, more soulful woman to document their time together. Christine xo

  2. We love them Sacha - you captured the moment perfectly. Can we book you now for the 70th bithday year photo shoot ?

    Thank you



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