Monday, July 5, 2010

Baby Keira

Baby Keira was born10 weeks early and weighed in at only 3lbs 11oz. Her early and quick delivery into the world was a surprise to everyone. She spent 7 weeks in the SCBU unit at KEMH adn the nurses and doctors were great. Yet it was not quite the entrance into the world the family had envisioned for their second baby and it took Jennifer and Todd some strength to wrap their minds around how different things were going to be this time around. Those first few weeks really tested the couple's faith but they tried to stay positive through it all and obviously all that good energy paid off. Jennifer was supposed to have a 3D ultrasound the first business day after Keira was born so she thought about how lucky they were to get to see the real thing and she was much better than any sonogram. And they were blessed with being able to spend 10 more weeks with her than most families do so that was something they were able to focus on. Despite how wonderful everyone was in the hospital, the family we so happy to finally get her home. When I went to photograph the family, Keira had been home for 3 weeks and was growing by leaps and bounds as is evidence in her sweet cheeks. She is a miracle and they family feel so blessed to have her in their lives. Her official due date was only the day before we did the shoot so effectively, she was a day old newborn, and definitely still within my 2 week time frame I try to stick with to be sure wee ones are sleeping soundly. And sleep she did - she didn't stir the entire shoot, which made for dreamy shots and I am thrilled. Please meet Baby Keira.

Big sister Tessa loves Keira to pieces and wants to play with her and touch her all the time, and is of course still learning how gentle she needs to be with her tiny sister. She loves to read and her favourite song is Twinkle Twinkle little star and you will see by her face in some of these shots that she clearly loved my rendition!

Jennifer loves what a girly girl Tessa is and adores to dress her in sweet outfits and bows, but for this shoot, she decided to have her fist daughter captured naturally in the moment rather than in pigtails and ribbons.

I photographed Tessa when she was only a couple of weeks old at the family home as well so this time, I brought lots of my textiles in order for the setting to be a bit different this time around. I think they worked perfectly to both emphasise the family, but also added a dash of pizazz to the shots.

Todd and Jennifer are so overjoyed at having their two girls with them and are brimming over with love. Despite having had no sleep the night before the shoot, I think it is pretty clear how much it shows (their overflowing love, not their lack of sleep!!)

Todd and Jennifer are just so awe inspired by the little lives of their girls and they can't imagine how they ever lived without them. They are trying hard to bring the children up in a strong, loving family environment, like every child should enjoy, and they are loving being able to raise their family in beautiful Bermuda.

Todd and Jennifer - I can't wait to capture more moments in the future for your beautiful family and look forward to seeing what amazing people your little love bugs grow into. Until the next shoot. xx


  1. beautiful Sacha!
    i love the family photo, everyone looks so content and happy..

  2. Rebecca CarvalhoJuly 6, 2010 at 11:10 AM

    I shared a hospital room with Jennifer when she first arrived at the hospital and had Keira so unexpectedly. I left with my daughter 2 days later and was supposed to find Jennifer on Facebook but couldn't find her.

    Jennifer, I'm so happy to see that everything worked out and how after the stress of Keira's early arrival and the anxiety of all the unknowns in those first few days, Keira is perfect and growing and beautiful. Love the photos, what a beautiful family, I'm so happy for you.

  3. Gorgeous Pics of my beautiful sister and her perfect family!!! Much love from SK!


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