Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy 10th Anniversary Kevin

Life was hectic for Irene and Kevin so their official anniversary date passed without as much pizazz on the pressie front as Irene had hoped. She really wanted to get something special for her hubby to celebrate their 10 amazing years of marriage. She decided to do something totally out of character and book a boudoir session which she knew would be very unexpected, but much appreciated.

On the morning of the shoot, she told Kevin she was going to the spa. He became a tad skeptical when she put on make up and stuffed a bag full of jewelry, accessories and sexy items, but she slipped out promising that even if it wasn't the spa she was headed for, it was nothing sinister and in fact quite the opposite.

Irene just lights up when she speaks about her husband. She told me that when she met him, she was captured by his beautiful smile and got butterflies when he first spoke to her. And she's had butterflies ever since. So I thought this decorative butterfly I usually have in my fireplace was perfect to give a little drama to the shoot.

The two met when Irene returned to Bermuda for a second holiday after it had rained the entire time during her first trip to the Island. The following year, she came with a friend and hit the nightlife, meeting Kevin on her first night out. I don't usually quote clients directly, but this is so sweet, that I will: "He is a good, good man, a wonderful husband and an even better father. You know, it's funny how things work out though I truly believe everything happens for a reason and had it not rained on our first trip here, I probably wouldn't have come back so soon. And had Kevin not skipped Regiment that night, we may never have met."

Happy 10th anniversary Kevin - you are a lucky man, and it sounds like Irene is pretty lucky herself. I wish you many more years of wedded bliss!

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