Saturday, April 18, 2015

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Indigo and I had a great day. I was totally gutted as I was supposed to be photographing a wedding, but my shoulder has still not healed and so I have been in agony and until I get an MRI, I am not shooting at all. So to lick my wounds, Indigo and I went to a fabulous mama daughter lunch at 1609 which was so lovely, despite the rain. Later in the day, she was invited today to a red carpet Hollywood birthday party. I had grand plans for her to wear her divine Tutu Du Monde dress, but then I had visions of all the girls running around madly outside on this wet wet day and trashing their pretty outfits so I decided I would put her in something that didn't matter if it was ruined. I decided on this shirt of mine, which worn backwards with the neckline in the back pinned with a glam broach looked exactly like the dress Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's and so her outfit evolved. I had no idea what I was doing with her hair, but with enough bobby pins it worked out so well, and then I just twisted in coils one of my fake diamond necklaces and pinned it in her hair. Add one of my shooting necklaces, some clip on earrings and elasticated some sling backs and she was all set - so easy. She has always asked to put on my make up yet even when she does her dance shows on stage each year, I have never allowed her to wear it at all, but then I decided childhood is short and what a treat it would be, so I made up her face to complete the look. Now I am gutted my shoulder is still so bad that I could barely even hold my camera to get these few shots in the door as we were leaving, but when I am better, I have grand plans to do a proper Audrey shoot, though given how much she hated taking the make up off tonight, it may be a while before she is ready again.

Dressing up is so fun, especially doing it together with my little girl. Even though none of your friends knew who you were dressed up as, all the mama bears did, and we loved it so thank you Indigo for being such a good Audrey. xx

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