Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ale & Natalia in the Freesias

I had asked my friend, Sarah, if I could use the freesias in her garden to shoot my kids for their annual shot together, but once I had finished with my two, I suggested I capture her girls in the same spot since the light was still so gorgeous. We ran up to the house to choose some dresses for her girls to wear and it was all very last minute with not even time to brush hair, but that is the amazing thing about children - two minutes and they look divine!! I hadn't shot Natalia and Ale together since their family shoot, which was so long ago and they have changed so much. Recently, I had photographed Natalia with my daughter when they had a sleep over, but I wanted to capture little Ale on her own to make things even and fair, so I had her sit on her own in the flowers for a few shots.


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